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Equipment Effects

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Armor Effects
Various equipment adds different benefits to a player when worn, these effects are:

  • Fear: Wearing fearing equipment adds a chance that the player will emit fear when struck, knocking all nearby enemies away. Elemental body gives an 11% chance and stacks with other fearing armor. All other types of fearing armor give an 11% chance plus 2% for each additional piece(3% for Wind). Demonic Forces add 2% each.
    Equipment: South Soul, East Soul, Elemental Body, Golden Cane, Purple Phoenix, Golden Dragon, Black Santa Armor, Wind, Demonic Forces, RisingMoon

  • Slow: There is a chance the player will significantly reduce the move speed and attack speed of an opponent when striking them.
    Equipment: North Soul, Golden Cane, Swamp of Abyss.

  • Freeze: Just like slow except a player is frozen still as if they were mage front gripped.
    Equipment: West Soul, Black Santa Weapons, Summer, Ice Storm.

  • Life Leech(Low value rates may be slightly inaccurate): A player gains life when attacking an opponent. The life gained is based on how much damage is dealt as well as how many leech parts are worn. Life can be leeched with bugged hits, but not always. Furthermore, some jump attacks don't register life leech.
    Equipment: Oceanus(10% Leech), Oceanus 2(10%?), 2009 Halloween Set(4%?), Ladder Helmet(3%), Darkness(3%), Icarus(3%), Easter(weapons)(3%), Rising Sun(3%), Honor Necklace(1.5%), Ring of Honor(.5%), Blood Revenge(5%),

  • Chaos Steal: Adds a chance to remove chaos poinst from an opponent when striking them with that weapon.
    Equipment: Elemental Weapons

  • Critical Hit: Same as chaos stealing except instead of stealing chaos points from someone, they have a chance to deal 6x critical hit to a person who's in chaos.
    Equipment: Elemental Weapons

  • Curse: Turns an opponent pink and decreases the damage they deal.
    Equipment: Machu Picchu, El Dorado, Ancient Curse

  • Mimic Elemental: Equipment adopts elemental effects; other players wearing elementals may affect this. Weapon mimicking may only work if your opponent sees the elemental effect. Armor mimicking only works when you see it yourself. Mimicking in general is somewhat unclear, particularly given that having 1 mimicking item may allow you to adopt any elemental effect onto any of your equipment.
    Equipment: Halloween 2009, Darkness, Icarus, El Dorado Weapons, Machu Picchu Weapons, Bolivar Weapons

  • Reverse: A player turns black and their controls get messed up for a short time, such as W moving backwards instead of forwards. More parts increases the duration of the effect.
    Equipment: Bolivar

  • Regen: REGENERATION DETAILS HERE - The player will randomly regen life when low; more parts causes more regeneration.
    Equipment: Holylight, Easter(armor)

    Thanks to Daefelius for helping me test fear rates and oceanus life leech.
    Thanks to Kyle for helping me with the fear rates and leech rates.
    Thanks to Maxy for helping me with elemental mimicking.
    Thanks to Minigame and Toxicity for testing some Curse effects.

    Last Edited: 2012-09-03
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