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Rakion Enchanting

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Quick Reference: Stat Gains
Rakion Enchants


+4 - +8 - +12 - +15 - +18


Players can enchant their equipment for stat bonuses in the refining portion of the inventory. A successful enchant will give +1 enchant bonus. An unsuccessful enchant will do nothing, degrade the enchant level of the item by 1 to 3, or destroy the item. You can enchant with gold and/or cash.
To enchant, you need a metal[jewel] to combine with the item you want to enchant. There are 2 available:
Mithril for 3500 gold
Rakion Enchanting
REMOVED Ereutel for 3000 gold
Rakion Enchanting
REMOVED Adamantium for 300 cash
Rakion Enchanting
REMOVED Orehalcon for 500 cash
Rakion Enchanting
Core for 1000 cash

REMOVEDEnchant Set 1
Enchant Set 15x Orehalcons
Enchant Set 2
Enchant Set 25x Cores
Event Core

Both Mithril and Cores can enchant up to +15. Event cores are 100% success rate(1-15) and can only be obtained from events.


Players can only enchant above +15 during a +20 event. Enchanting 15-20 is much more difficult. Event cores will not be a 100% success rate, but they won't break or downgrade the item. Charms will help improve the success rate of an event core.


Catalyzers can be added in while enchanting to improve it. There are currently 2 catalyzers.:

Protect Stone:

500 cash
  • Using 1 stone prevents breaking
  • 2 stones prevents breaking/downgrading 3 levels
  • 3 stones prevents breaking/downgrading -3, -2, or -1.
  • Lucky Stone:
    300 cash - Improves the success rate.

    REMOVED 150 cash - Lowers the chances of an item being destroyed
    Soul Stone:

    REMOVED 100 cash - Lowers the chances of the item being degraded

    REMOVED 300 cash - Increases the chances of a successful enchant

    Put an item in, choose 1 of the metals and 0-3 catalyzers to add in and click enchant.

    Stat Bonus

    The enchant bonus is the same for any item, and the higher the level on one item, the more it affects your stats. The stat bonus it adds to each stat is X^2/50,** with X being the enchant level. Example, if you had an item with +5 enchant bonus, you would get 25/50, which is .5. So every one of your stats would receive a .5 stats worth bonus. Note, enchanting bonus treats armor and energy as +1 per 1 stat point, not +2 as it normally is. Also, cp, move speed, and attack speed are standardized so the enchant bonus won't vary between classes. One point via enchanting from move speed is +.024, attack speed is +.16, and cp is +200.

    Many people believe there are tricks to improve your chances, these most likely are just silly superstitions, but it can't hurt.
  • Enchanting in the Korean server(Or other countries).
  • Relogging/Re-character selecting/Re-entering the world inbetween attempts or every few attempts.

    Interesting Side Notes:
  • Items occasionally break during no break events, Q&A Softnyx and they'll fix it.
  • The enchanting colors were different for a short period of time. Colors included bright green and white. Even elementals would glow during this time. An example of what they looked like is here.

  • At +12(maybe +11), enchanted items will give 'hidden stat', what this means or does is a mystery to me.

    * - Elementals do not glow, except for elemental body/weapons.
    ** - Thanks to Zetapoo for providing the formula

    Last Edited: 2011-11-30
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